Fast Telco Logo

General Info

Alternative names: FT, Fast Telco, Fast Telecommunications
Website: FastTelco
Wikipedia Link:
Customer Support Number: 1886666
Online Subscription Renewal: Yes

Subscription Services



1024 kbps
1536 kbps
2048 kbps
3072 kbps
4096 kbps
5120 kbps
6144 kbps
7168 kbps
8192 kbps


Connection Type: PPPoA VC-Mux
VPI: 1
VCI: 100
IP Control: Static IP
DNS Server:,
Transparent Proxy: Yes [content blocking, page caching (caused a glitch with Gmail, see links)]

Bundled Router

Brand: 3com
Cost: 20 KD

Payment Method

Daily and monthly for the dial up. Annual for the DSL.

Dial Up Purchase Account

Username: fast
Password: knet
Number: 818000

External Links

27 Responses to “FastTelco”

  1. trance Says:

    I have the same problem with fasttelco. Ever since I upgraded my account to the 6x offer, its not even connecting properly anymore.

    kupilot: I had FT downgrade my bandwidth to 2.4 mbps and its still the same. Any luck on your side?

  2. Ali K Says:


  3. dr.adel ahmed fathy Says:

    how can I renew my annual personal contract with fast telco personal dsl

  4. ham Says:

    how can i change my router password of fasteleco

  5. Bodii Boftain Says:

    i think i can give you the new details, check them bellow

    Customer Support Number: 1886666

    DSL Speeds:starts from 1 MB and ends up on 8 mb

    Payment Method : annually for the dsl and daily and monthly for the dial up

  6. samo93leb Says:

    ever since we upgraded our service to a faster one last year .. every 10 or 15 minutes the connection seems to disconnect !! it’s very annoying ! i can’t download anything properly ! i can’t have a decent chat with anyone ! i can’t do anything without being mad about this service ! the speed is 2MB and i get nothing like 2MB ! anyone has this problem ?! plz i want a solution .. am getting crazy ! this has been going on for a long long time ago

  7. zindhin Says:

    very bad SERVICE’S i have 3 mp connection it’s working like zain 5 kd monthly connection … very bad …

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