128 kbps


Raw DSL Router/Modem Speed

Note: These results are due to FastTelco allocating “double the speed” to its customers.


Download Rate: 290 kbps
Upload Rate: 129 kbps

Typical Download


Download Rate: 28.3 KBps (226.4 kbps)


Submitted by Pyyth4.


4 Responses to “128 kbps”

  1. Pyyth4 Says:

    A bit weird, router speeds are still same

  2. Pyyth4 Says:

    btw that rarely happens

  3. Pyyth4 Says:

    its the problem of the price rupert server, speedtest is interrupted and it restarts in between, thats why

  4. 3baid Says:

    It’s recommended to select the nearest server to get the most accurate results.

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