General Info

Alternative names: Zajil
Website: KEMS
Wikipedia: N/A
Customer Support Number: 822822
Online Subscription Renewal: Yes

Subscription Services


256 kbps
512 kbps
1024 kbps
2048 kbps
3072 kbps
4096 kbps
5120 kbps
6114 kbps
7168 kbps
8192 kbps

Note: South Surra customers have different prices.


Connection Type: PPPoA
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
IP Control: Dynamic IP
DNS Server:

Bundled Router

Brand: N/A
Cost: N/A

Payment Method


External Links


15 Responses to “KEMS”

  1. Mrs. Arthur Deemer Says:

    How do we renew our KEMS service on-line, please?

  2. Anxious Nut Says:

    You, my friend, did me a big favor putting the DNS servers! I owe you one!

  3. AnxiousNut Says:

    Wow what? 3baid! you’re the one behind this site?!!

  4. ali Says:

    ما عندي downlaod

  5. ali Says:

    الداولود مرض

  6. Sayad Says:

    what is kems dailup no?

  7. Ayman Says:

    what about DSL Modulation , there are list of many types and which one is the right modulation belong to KEMS

  8. Mowafak Gabal Says:

    Watch out from a company selling wireless internet under the name “Mada Communications”, they are a scam, they sell you the equipment with a promise to receive up to 10 mbps and when you don’t receive it, they don’t give you a refund claiming that you signed that No Refund if the speed is above 2 mbps.

  9. kamakke Says:

    I am writing to tell you unfortunately there is no mangment to follow up and control the massive in the costumer service department. as for three consecutive days I called this department and I’ve talked to a quiet number of people there who couldn’t find a way to solve the problem to my Internet connection. each one of them want to help me out but could not and the reasons I am going to leave for you to find out.
    thank you for your time.

  10. Osama Says:

    شركة فاشلة ونت بطيء و خدمة سيئة

  11. yusuf Says:

    تم اشتراك نت في تاريخ 29 .9
    2015 .طلبتم تحديث بيانات.
    وعليه حدثنا بيانات .وبعد ان قمتم بالتركيب قطعتم حراره الهاتف .والى الان لا يوجد خدمه انترنت ولا حراره

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