256 kbps (Paradyne)


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Paradyne (Reach DSL) is for some specific areas in Kuwait where the nearest telephone central are more than 5 kilometers away. Qualitynet had exclusively offered this service, but now it’s now also supported by KEMS.

Raw DSL Router/Modem Speed


Download Rate: 1088 kbps
Upload Rate: 672 kbps

Typical Download


Download Rate: 34 KBps (272 kbps)



2 Responses to “256 kbps (Paradyne)”

  1. kupilot Says:

    I have run the speedtest.net for my connection , I have also KEMS 256 DSL , yet i have recieved less numbers than what you had , I have Vista Ultimate.

    here is the test link


  2. 3baid Says:

    kupilot, we need more than just the speedest.net results, please submit the other data. Make sure nothing is using the connection while you perform the tests! (No downloads or web browsing by other users at home)

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