Qualitynet Logo

General Info

Alternative names: QHotSpot
Website: Qualitynet
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qualitynet
Customer Support Number: 804444
Online Subscription Renewal: Yes (provides discount)

Subscription Services

DSL (Regular/Flexible [quota])


64 kbps
128 kbps
256 kbps
512 kbps
1024 kbps
1536 kbps
2048 kbps


Connection Type: PPPoA (DSL), PPPoE (fiber)
IP Control:
Dynamic IP
DNS Server:,
Transparent Proxy: Yes [content blocking]

Bundled Router

Brand: SpeedTouch
Cost: N/A

Payment Method

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually.

External Links


8 Responses to “Qualitynet”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Qualitynet in wikipedia has been updated.

  2. Ahmad Says:

    The worst service ever

  3. Me Toyou Says:

    All ISP’s in Kuwait are expensive and bad in customer service, However, QualityNet is the the least bad.

  4. Shawki Says:

    My subscription is for 1.5 MB as this is the limit of my damn copper phone line (old lines, Kaifan exchange).

    I am having a problem with my line. For the past 4 days I am getting only 0.25 MB download speed as tested in speed tester :-((

    Response of QualityNet support team is very slow, 48 hours/2 days !!

  5. Yoven Says:

    We called their workers and other related men who said : “The games might slow down your internet, but we’ll check if we can help you”, until now (2 years) the speed isn’t getting the same, no even worst, but if any1 want this internet i suggest u check others first!

  6. Secoya Allen Says:

    Haven’t been able to access my internet for 2 weeks. Its been slow and login out over and over. Very disappointed and feel like I’ve wasted my money.

  7. wiseseekerPartha Says:

    My DSL connection on Landline not working since last week. Every time qualitynet Responds by saying that it will be addressed in 2 days– but nothing happens- no update. Really surprising service!

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