4096 kbps


Raw DSL Router/Modem Speed


Download Rate: 4416 kbps
Upload Rate: 640 kbps

Typical Download


Download Rate: 460 KBps (3680 kbps)


Downstream Rate: 3779 kbps
Upstream Rate: 511 kbps


3 Responses to “4096 kbps”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    Qnet has remained true to its offer… the 4MB has been good since I got it.. sustaining that speed for a long time with no issues.. there have been a few hiccups but overall very good!

  2. Mohamed Says:

    Did you try 4Mbs from Kems?
    If yes, which one is better?
    What about 4Mbs from Qnet from the Summer Offers, does it really double your bandwidth?

  3. ahmad Says:

    HI Guys
    i have my reasonable 512 kbps from kems
    with 640 down and 512 up
    i am just wondering is it bad for 4mbps to have this upoad rate
    afak my friend with 1mb kems has like 780 i think for upload

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