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Alternative names: STC (in Saudi Arabic)
Website: Viva
Wikipedia: N/A
Customer Support Number: N/A
Online Subscription Renewal: Yes

Subscription Services



Note: These speeds depend on coverage.


Connection Type: N/A
IP Control: Unique
DNS Server: N/A

Bundled Hardware

Brand: N/A
Cost: N/A

Payment Method

  • Monthly fees
  • 50 KD to break contract

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13 Responses to “Viva”

  1. kupilot Says:


    Just wanted to share with you my bad experience with Viva internet.
    I had a 1 year contract with viva internet , when i first signed for it i asked the sales person on the counter regarding cancelling the contract he said that the contract is binding for one year then if I don`t renew it it will be cancelled automatically.
    Now after 1 year elapsed they still charge me for the connection although the line has been disconnected by them and I wasn`t using anyway as it was disconnected. When I went to their main office to complain they said that I`m a liar and that their sales person are proffisionals and they wouldn`t tell anything wrong and I have to pay for the sunscription even if the line was disconnected , or I wait until the case goes to court and then take it with them at the court.
    So I paid them the f***** subscription fee which was 30KD and closed the account.
    For all you people there thinking of subscribing with viva internet my advice to you STAY AWAY.

    My review scale 1-10 (10 being best):
    1- Internet coverage and speed (7).
    2- Customer service (-100).

    I`ve read and heard bad comments about STC in saudi arabia , and I think their managment there want to transfer the bad reputation to Viva kuwait.

    By the way I`m not associated or related to any other company (zain , wataniya) I`m just like average customer who now hate Viva because of their customer service.

    Stay with Zain or Wataniya , at least with them you know from the beginning what the conditions are.

  2. nasmohamed Says:

    yes….!!!!! am agree to you……..i took for there 2 yr contract…..but always i get the speed below 1 mb like….0.4mbps…0.6.mbps…and if i call to there customer agent..they always say “sir please wait 24 to 48 hours…..we will call back…till i didnot get any call…!!!(valid up to when your contract period finish…ha..ha…)

    “By the way I`m not associated or related to any other company (zain , wataniya) I`m just like average customer who now hate Viva because of their customer service.”

  3. saleh Says:

    indeed they are sux mate i have the 21mb speed and i didnt got even the 10m i cant c it at all in my metter or in that is really sux they said its up to that is mean when u got 0.4 or 0.7 u cant do anything for them because they said its start from 0.01 to 21mb really the are lire , so dont go and get they bad id is when u call them they said if ur browsing ok and u said yes that is mean the internet that u have is good , wat a dump ppl there ,. even when u call them they dont have a proffisionals ppl to answer u question . so plz dont go to them and make a deal they are sux hope from god to burn this company .

  4. Jozef Says:

    I had poor internet coverage in my area and this was confirmed by VIVA technician who submitted his technical report to VIVA head office. VIVA customer service confirmed that there would be no more charges if I would cancel my 2 year contract early since VIVA did not meet the customer requirement and I signed their cancellation form to cancel my contract. This form clearly states “poor coverage”. Guess what happened. A lawyer office working on behalf of VIVA is chasing me to pay the contract cancellation charges!! I recommend everbody in Kuwait to stay away from VIVA.

  5. Khaled Roshdy Says:

    EXACT same experience here. I signed up for a one year contract: I saw the contract through (I didn’t cancel in the middle or attempt to upgrade/change the contract in anyway yet surprise surprise: viva is telling me the contract has been renewed automatically without getting back to me!! how dare they!! There’s nothing in the contract that says anything about this. When I tried to challenge this in their main office, all I got was a rude arrogant employee that apparently thinks viva is some sort of monopoly that according to what they belief has “the best coverage in Kuwait”??!! I even asked them “what if I didn’t get coverage in the place I will be using the mini router in: can I cancel it and the answer was simply no……”we have coverage everywhere”!!!!! This is simply not true….WAKE UP VIVA… stink and according to what I’ve been hearing and seeing lately: you are losing customers by the day: you deserve it!!

  6. Abdul Says:

    I’m currently having a similar experience with VIVA. I signed a contract to a 4G LTE Internet and their agent told me that the internet speed would never go below 10Mbps. So far at home, the internet speed is always hovering around 0.4Mbps. I tried calling on several occasions,,their agent would ask me to wait 24-48 hours and nothing happens afterwards. Once the agent actually called back telling me that they tested my speed and found out that it’s at 20Mbps which is a total lie, I’m an engineer and I know how to test an internet speed. Long story short, I tell everyone to please please stay away from VIVA,

  7. Bou AbdulRahman Says:

    I signed a contract for a line ( for my son) and was given a sim-card. After a couple of weeks i tried to use the line for the first time and found that the line was disconnected and withdrawn from me. I went to VIVA branch and requested to get back the line, even if i had to pay for a new chip. They informed me, that this couldn’t be done. So far, i accepted all what has happened.
    But i was surprised to hear (after two years) from VIVA that i have to pay 1 year subscription for that line!!! The line that i requested back after 1 month and they refused!!!

    I’m talking about VIVA Kuwait …. Those ba.@#$%&!!!

  8. FilipinoExpat Says:

    I had the same horrible experience with viva two years ago. And now they are hunting me to steal (as i call it) my hard-earned money for an indescribably bad sevice which I paid subscription for 3 months! I could have terminated it early on but I waited giving them the chance but it goes into a cycle if “we will call you in 24-48hrs” wherein i assumed would last till the contract ends. So i finally decided to terminate. That even got worse coz i had to buy out my time to visit their main branch only to be ignored and asked to pay 100 kd (now 50). Why the heck I will pay for a service i never received? They should have pay me back for the service unserved! So for subscribers I warn you you to stay away from them! Finish your contract for an easy exit and get the end of contract document signed before it finally ends or you may be a victim of their deceitful auto-renewal scheme. And for us “victims” how we could help each other settle this out. Im an expat and it seems like are rights arent recognize here. Thank you.

  9. Matt Says:

    Viva prepaid LTE is a complete ripoff. I paid 18KWD for internet access just to discover it is a 3G plan. The sales person at Viva told that it is a LTE data plan. But that is not true when I took the router device to Viva workshop the support guy told prepaid are 3G only.

    False advertisement from Viva.

  10. Abdula Maboola Says:

    Viva is shit! Their connection speed is as fast as my old phone line hook up in the 1990’s! Complete garbage! There is a tribe in the deepest jungles of Africa laughing at your connection speeds!

  11. ryan Says:

    just don’t go for viva internet plans. slow internet connection they said it is 4g but no. 512kbps internet this is ridiculous for 4g connection. and their customer service? they do not know anything. 9kd for 100gb 4g lte this not true. all lies.

  12. Waleed Says:

    Last month, subscribed to VIVA 300GB, mini router plan. One year, 84 KWD. From day one, realized that everything bad was named VIVA. Speed is dead slow (thou they allege it shud be 10 MB), it was 1.5 – 3 MB top.

    Mini router battery lasts less than 3-4 hours!! When the salesman told me it was 10 hours, and no less than 6 hrs.

    Everyday, speed gets so low, dead, like 1 MB, and I call the fokers @ VIVA help desk, answer: reset you foken device, sir. Just reset it, and all be fine. So, daily reset of router! never heard of. I know that you may have to reset router every few months, like 3 months or so. But daily!! WTF~

    Went to their head office, at Olympia buidling in Salmiya. Talk and complaint …no use. So asked to talk to head of customer relations/support. What a classic a$$hole. No welcoming, no greeting, not even half smile, or any kind of conciliatory talk to me, the customer. As if, he wanted to fight. Told him: will not make payment this coming month. Show me what you, and ALL your top mgmt, will do to me. Case to court, welcome.

    They will NOT EVER, cancel the contract. Never.

    If there were no witnesses around, in his glass walled office, would have delivered huge sweet spit, as in lung congested accumulated saliva, on the SOB’s face.

    What a criminal, mafia, ring these ISP in Kuwait. But the lust and greed for cash, money is not limited to them. This is now the culture of Kuwait. Societal values, becoming so corrupt.

    Avoid VIVA, at all costs.

    GL all.

  13. Khaled Says:

    Agree 100% with all negative reviews above. Seem like Viva Sucks has been an issue since long ago (2010!!). Wish I knew before I subscribed to their mini router 1 year plan. Worst ISP provider in KT. Period.

    * NOTE: Last week, had casual meeting, by pure coincident here in KT, with one of Viva audit office personnel. Told me: It’s shame, but that is how things are in Viva!! Asked: what you mean? Said: we have servers with max internet capacity accommodating up to 500,000 subscribers. Yet there is something like triple (around 1,500,000) subscribers. So, do NOT be surprised by the low band width at many times of day. Hook up after midnight, U be fine. As you would get reasonable speeds of up to 8 or 10 Mb+. Otherwise the down connection, and slow speed, is fact of life.

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