3200 kbps


Raw DSL Router/Modem Speed

Screenshot: N/A
Download Rate: N/A kbps
Upload Rate: N/A kbps

Typical Download


Download Rate: 45.2 KBps (361 kbps)




5 Responses to “3200 kbps”

  1. Pyyth4 Says:

    that 2947kbps speedtest, isnt it supposed to be in the 7040 section ?

  2. Pyyth4 Says:

    What I know is, for 14KD, you get 46kB/s from Zain, and for 27kd or above you get higher (and the 2947k is achieved only on 27kd/month)….isnt this the 14kd section? (or whatever it should be called, lol)

    • 3baid Says:

      If 2947 kbps can only be achieved on the 7 Mbps offer, that’s a HUGE rip-off. All submissions made were individually checked by me, but as most people say, the transfer rate is highly variable with the mobile telecommunications companies :/

      Some get around 150 kbps while others get 1500 kbps! We need more people to submit their results to get a better average.

  3. Pyyth4 Says:

    bigger than a rip off, we wont get 14.4mbps via telephone lines even if 10 years passed! , yet another way of marketing.

    Although they mention that you can get speeds upto 7.2mbps, well, maybe in the future. They haven’t promised that they will get 7.2mbps, but the “upto” is enough to make people buy.

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