About Kuwait’s ISPs

It’s very rare for an Internet Service Provider to divulge their network performance to their customers. That’s why most Kuwaitis rely on friends, word-of-mouth, or go through an excruciating process of trial & error to find out what works for them. —What does a “good connection” mean anyway?

This blog was created to allow users to collaborate, share and compare their experiences with the different ISPs in Kuwait. Please link to this website to encourage more people to contribute, leave your comments, and visit the submission page to learn how to send in your connection information.

Note: Service prices have been omitted due to their unpredictable nature.


13 Responses to “About Kuwait’s ISPs”

  1. Ben Thomas Says:

    Hi there!
    I was just visiting Kuwait for three weeks and needed some torrent downloads urgently but almost all websites are blocked here in Kuwait and it’s so damn annoying! Thankfully your blog wasn’t blocked somehow and I got to post here, hope you read it soon enough. I need a way around the blockage to download Skype and some other programs. I tried to access various proxy server sites but in vain. Any way out?? Really appreciate your help. Please note I’m no expert at this so it’d be awesome if you could explain terms t
    That would need explanation for a noob…! I’m using Zain’s e-Go internet USB which is claimed to have a 7.2Mbps speed.

    Thanks again,

    • 3baid Says:

      Hello Ben,

      Even if I discuss ways in which you could pass the website blocks, you’ll quickly hit your volume cap on your Zain’s internet subscription and end up paying a huge fee. “Unlimited” isn’t really unlimited.

  2. RED ONE Says:

    KEMS is best ever ISP in kuwait as this moment..

  3. Abdulwahab Says:

    Please list an ISP information about Mada, Im currently using it, so far its good since its unlimated plus u dont need fibers or any kind of wires to have run as maximum speed, its wireless. I also do need the DSN servers. Thank you

  4. Rinnoo.net Says:

    We use QualityNet DSL at a speed of 8Mbps. We have never faced any problems, really QualityNet are the best ISP!

    • mowafakgabal Says:

      I agree, I’m using it on fiber optic after being scammed from Mada Communication and it is the best in kuwait.

    • saleh ahmed Says:

      did you get the gaming package? if you got it would you recommend it for gaming consoles such as xbox one and ps4?

  5. mowafakgabal Says:

    Mada Communications, a real scam, they offer up to 10 mbps wireless internet for one year, when you try it, it is barely 2 mbps, when you ask for a refund .. they wish you good luck getting your money back.

    • khaled Says:

      i can’t see your experience with mada, however, i am a user and where they have poor services they do refund in full. other wise is headache free when it comes to downloading streaming

  6. Nabz Says:

    hi..i started a course and i use VPN for most of my work. However, my ISP does not support ports 10000.. do u know of any ISP in Kuwait that would enable my VPN? thanks

  7. Saad Says:

    Hello guys.. I am kinda stuck between Qualitynet and Mada.. which one should I go for?

  8. Ibrahim Says:

    I have Qualitynet for the past 6 years and they are getting worse in the last 2 years .. Bad customer service .. Poor connections .. They blame the Ministry of communications for their fault!!!?? Recently we have no internet for 3-4 days and they did nothing to fix the situation in our area .. You phone and they promise to fix it but nothing happened yet ..

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